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Specialty Products

Xtreme Liner Ideal for truck bedliners, the XTreme is a permanently bonded protective barrier between your truck bed and the outside environment, protecting them from rush scratches and chemical corrosion. Xtreme Liners has been an industry leader since introducing spray…

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Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing Praveen’s Auto Detailing Ltd. provides complete interior and exterior detailing services. Stains Complete interior and exterior maintenance Restorative and preventative service Scratch removal Ozonator (odor removal)

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Rust Protection

Rust never sleeps. Once it gets going, it can adversely affect how your car performs, shortening its life. Modern vehicles have many hard-to-reach crevices where moisture and dirt love to collect — creating ideal conditions for rust. A synthetic waterproof…

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Interior Protection

Fabric Protection Maintains the fine quality of your interior by penetrating individual fibres in the fabric. It stops liquids from soaking in and repels dirt. Spills wipe up easily to avoid permanent stains. This treatment won't change the colour or…

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Paint Protection

The sun's powerful ultraviolet rays will cause your vehicle's paint to fade. The clear-coat finish on the painted surface is uneven. Its peaks and valleys trap dirt, salt, pollutants and moisture, which dull the finish, ruin the look of your…

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